Time of My Life by Rob Lea


In the midst of a sizzling tour of the US, Rob Lea releases his latest single, the just as sizzling Time of My Life.

The charismatic, sunshine-voiced, Blackpool native Rob Lea is a singer/songwriter of delightful alternative pop and rock. His sound is happy, emotional, and introspective, and his songs are snappy, catchy, and brilliantly written. Time of My Life is no exception.

Rob Lea’s inspiration for this song is his own perseverance to keep going, despite all the hardships he’s gone through throughout his life, he’s excited to be here, and to do what he does, to make a better life for himself, his kids, and his family. This sweet notion is set to a dazzling alternative arrangement. Rhythmic stuttering guitar riffs, a dramatic, larger-than-life chorus composition, and jubilant, liberating lyrics all combine to make Time of My Life one of 2022’s most inspiring, energetic, and peppy songs. The production is sublime, allowing all the miniature compositional elements to show and shine, from the colorful, overdriven guitar lines to the charismatic vocal harmonies on the fantastically catchy hook.

Time of My Life is the most positive song you’ll hear for a long while, with a positive notion to support it, and it is executed in an eloquent, flowing way that feels natural and fresh. A song that pays respect to the joy of dancing in one’s underwear, Rob Lea’s Time of My Life is pure feels.