Cyber Crystal by Skylan


Rising songwriter and DJ, Skylan released a dubstep banger that will blow your brains out on October 31st, from Raleigh, US called ‘Kyber Crystal’. With an EP and more than 10 singles in the last year, this is what she loves to do when she’s not in her 9-5 boringness. she created this for her, mostly because of binge-watching an entire Star War Saga. 

Intense and extremely textured, this song is perfect to get lost in if you wanna forget about everything for a few minutes. The overall sound is an overarching surge of energy and anticipation. The soundscape is an electronic dubstep sound, with unusual vocals and interruptions that are unique to the dubstep genre. We can really feel the cyberspace war vibes in the music’s intricacies.

The musical arrangement is rich and packed with weird sound effects. Of course, we have heavy leading drums and beautiful piano that create a dramatic melody with the dubstep interface. There is also a slight violin sound effect that makes the song feel even more dramatic. The song is just an in-your-face kind of feel!