To Be A Man by Dax


All the way from Wichita, USA comes Dax, a rising star with a message to the world…

…for his latest song “To Be A Man” released along with an amazing music video, he’s talking about what growing up is all about, and what it is to be a man.

Dax is an extremely well-established artist with his youtube channel having more than 5 million subscribers and his latest song “To Be A Man” has been only out for around 2 weeks, garnering more than 4 million views.

Dax is really keen to not just make absolutely top quality amazing music or a mesmerizing music video to go with it…no that’s there alright, you have to check for yourself to believe the amazing quality of Dax’s work…

…but he also has a message, you see…that’s not something that comes every day, an artist with a message…and let me tell you something, it speaks to every man in the world, doesn’t matter where you’re from, you’ll hear the message loud and clear…and…you might get emotional.

He performed live at the Canadian Country Music Awards…so he’s an artist in the studio and on the stage…he’s the real deal.

His latest single “To Be A Man” is exactly as the name implies, takes about how men grow, their struggles, how even they might be marginalized in some situations…as a man myself, I really came to see myself in another light when I was watching the music video and listening to the lyrics…

…which let me tell you something about…the lyrics, masterful crafting of words and emotions at its best…there’s nothing to say here, you should just experience the lyrics, and once you hear it, it will fill your soul…maybe make you a bit…or too emotional depending on your current state…but it will also make you look at yourself and maybe make you cut yourself some slack…or even let’s you see something good about yourself.

As men, we usually tend to keep our emotions in, underestimate ourselves, don’t give ourselves enough credit…it’s our job, it’s always our job, whatever it is…

After hearing Dax’s “To Be A Man”…this is the perfect example of doing a change and affecting the world through a song…this is that song.

The music production is absolute perfection with emotional pianos, ambient sound beds, a minimal heartfelt beat…The music video is of the highest quality, it’s a short Hollywood movie, nothing less than amazing…and I have to mention, the acting and directing of the music video are just perfect.

I just can’t recommend this one enough…I will have all the people I know watch and learn from Dax’s “To Be A Man”…it’s just too powerful to miss.

Dax, thank you for your music, you just made the world a better place.

Can’t wait for your future releases.


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