To The One’s I Love by Clare Easdown


Artist Clare Easdown based in Menai, Australia released an icy heart anthem for all those with broken hearts and minds on the 8th of March. Brace yourself for a chilly ride into the darkness with this one. Clare is a vocalist and lyricist who collaborates with Jmusicbeats who makes and also mixes and masters the music. She’s inspired by artists like Sevdaliza, FKA twigs, and Grimes. They released 4 tracks in the past month and plan on making even more. 

This song is for all the misfits and people who feel like they’re unwanted and unloved.  The overall sound of the song is chilling, melancholic, and deeply painful. We love that she really uses all her real energy and hurt to make a beautiful anthem that can connect everybody. The soundscape is a soft trip-hop sound. It has an ethereal, magical dark vibe. The pace is slow with a really cold vibe. The musical arrangement is rich with direct sadness in the air. You’ve got some slow rap-style drums and snares, and an alarm-like sound effect that is looped at the back of the song creating the whole Iced-out vibes. You’ve got some soft siren-like vocals. You will really enjoy the vulnerability of this track. 


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