Wrap Me Up by Clare Easdown


Clare Easdown’s latest single is a sensual call for love that’s haunting, ethereal, and with a hint of darkness that leaves a lingering feeling after the song’s runtime ends.

A native of Menai in Australia, Clare Easdown is a singer/songwriter whose brand of electronic pop can be defined somewhere close to chillwave on her latest single, titled ‘Wrap Me Up’. The low, brooding tempo of the piece is commanding and sets a particular mood of alluring, dramatic gravitation, that coupled with the lyrics, paints this song with a sheen of desire for love that’s not entirely innocent and pure, with the slow pace and the crawling sub-bass, this song gave a chilling sense of being stalked upon, which may or may not have been Clare’s intentions. In any case, Wrap Me Up is beautiful. There can be no denying that the vibes of the song are chill and soothing, Clare’s lyrics are visibly sweet and have a pure yearning for love that is truly harmless, and her singing is also pulling and warm, with a multitude of gorgeous harmony lines that make the vocal part sound rich and intricate.

Wrap Me Up is a beautifully written and produced piece of electronic pop that’s chill, slow, hypnotizing, and with a captivating atmosphere that’s full of attention to detail. An easy song to add to any playlist whose themes include brooding love songs, or songs that would be fantastic for night drives.  


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