Tumbleweeds by Chucky Trading Co


The latest single from the collaborative project Chucky Trading Co. is entitled “Tumbleweeds” and is a heart-shattering acoustic/ folk song with some country and Americana vibes to it. 

The track begins right away with some highly emotional vocals, a piano melody, and an amazing progression on the acoustic guitar. The vocals are soft and melodic and match the slow tempo so well. It made me feel like I’m playing Red Dead Redemption 2 due to its lyrical narrative of brotherhood and loss. 

Speaking of the lyrics, the song shows some amazing penmanship and is one of the most memorable choruses I’ve ever heard, in my opinion. This song could pretty much serve as a eulogy from the speaker to his dead/stranded brother which he mentions many times throughout the song. You can picture yourself in a harsh and extremely cold winter time moving between the “tumbleweeds” and dealing with both physical and emotional pain with these lyrics and this arrangement. 

In conclusion, this is a song that starts slow and emotional and slowly builds up. There is some soft drumming in the second verse and a piano solo/interlude. Every country and folk element is crystal clear thanks to the amazing production and mixing. If you’re looking for a song that packs an emotional gut punch while feeling like an amazing journey with amazing vocals and folky melodies then this is the song for you.



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