Who I Am by Wyn Starks


Wyn Starks, a star of American Got Talent, advanced to the semifinals in his most recent performances, when he moved the judges with his deep words and gentle voice. Singing his song “Who I Am” from his debut album “Black Is Golden.” Beautiful creations were made by a sensitive and talented person who will remain in our hearts for a long time.

“Who I Am” is a song about my journey and becoming Wyn Starks. I call it “My Diary” song, kind of. It’s a glimpse into my heart.” Wyn Stark commented demonstrating how he connects with his listeners. The music is played with some beautiful mellow sounds that have true tones and which articulate the notes in a rich and resonating way.

The song’s lyrics are extremely moving and may give you the sense of optimism you need to go through your days and bring yourself out of the despair that surrounds you. Listening will brighten your day and give you that push you need.

Wyn has always been affected by the 80s and R&B music at church, at home, and on the way to school. He has always believed that music is where he can be himself. Being raised and influenced by so many great artists has shaped Wyn Stark to be the next star for the season,

The music he produces is flawlessly created with his emotions revealed to us; the album “Black Is Golden” tells the tale behind each song, including “Not A Waste,” “Dancing My Way,” “Tomorrow,” and “At The End Of The River.”


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