Behind by Naomi Cheyanne


Long Beach, US-based rising female artist, Naomi Cheyanne releases a new song ‘’Behind’’, on the 29th of September, flexing some real musical talent as she uses her voice beautifully, making this song a real gem and a lead to what we can expect from her to achieve as an artist. 

This song falls under the alternative pop genre with R&B tunes that makes you want to listen to it on repeat.

Using a high-quality cinematic music video, Naomi catches our attention in every artistic aspect of this song. She tells the story of a young girl experimenting and facing new beginnings and overcoming challenges which seems like a breakup from the video, but the mood of the song suggests this feeling is universal to anything, not just relationships, by leaving it all ‘’behind’ and going somewhere new. We’re all in for the triumph in her angelic voice. The musical arrangement is simple yet catchy, with the song begging with a mellow guitar combination.

Notable sounds would be the clapping that adds a head-bopping rhythm to the beat. The melody is so warm which regarding the subject of the song makes you feel like everything is going to be okay. There is so much waiting ahead for Naomi, she has been prolifically proving herself in the music industry, especially with this song as her greatest musical achievement until now.


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