Witch Doctor by Sour Taffy


Some psychedelic tunes become anthems of the disappointing reality forcing us into stoicism.

From Tennesse, the US   the band Sour Taffy release their debut track titled ‘Witch Doctor’ which is considered a Psychedelic Funk track.

The track has a smooth calm psychedelic reggae vibe or you could think it’s a tango dance theme music at first glance. But in fact, it’s just a stoner psychedelic funk.

‘Witch Doctor’ begins with an intro of slow calm drumming followed by amazing guitar chords that are followed by echo-themed vocals to participate in the psychedelia. 

Sour Taffy is Daniel Thompson – Guitars, bass, vocals, synths, production, and mixing and Nathaniel Aberdeen – Guitars, bass, vocals, synths, production, and mixing.

The track is inspired by the cheesy 60’s horror movies, and has a Halloween theme and horror scenes in the music video, also lyrics elucidate that theme given the title of the track.

Musically the track is quieter than it should be, given that it demonstrates a horrific theme, I believe it should’ve had more horror in terms of music featured within. Also, the vocals from Daniel were lacking some horror screams and catchy sounds we always heard in those horror movies the track is inspired by. 

All in all, it’s a wonderful debut for the psychedelic funkers and surely we haven’t yet heard a bit of their potential, so let’s excitedly stay tuned.


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