Wonderful You by Frank Joshua


Frank Joshua’s latest release “Wonderful You” is a mesmerizing and dreamy journey into a very unique and unreal sonic realm…a journey we’ve been waiting for, without knowing…it changes everything you’re normally used to…it really knocks you off your feet with all of its emotionally charged elements and excellent sonic production values.

Frank is based in London, England and “Wonderful You” is actually his 26th release since 2020.

“Wonderful You” has extremely solid cinematic storytelling elements with both its sound and its visuals…

Let’s start with the sound…

The huge sounding oceanbeds of pads and synth elements in the background are absolutely mountainous and masterfully crafted…it’s ever evolving like the motion of the oceans, like that in the music video…we’ll get to that in a second…

Frank’s vocal performance is absolutely nailing the mood and goes hand in hand with the emotional energy of the music…both the music and the vocal delivery are mesmerizingly emotional and stage worthy.

Adding to that ever evolving nature of the background pads and sounds…the piano in the foreground is excellent and it drives the melodic story of the song into valleys and mountains, acting as an emotional locomotive.

Then the percussive and beat section comes in…this is perfectly minimalistic…it could be the first time I describe something like that…but it is…it is the embodiment of ‘less is more’…actually even though its drums, it’s adding to the dreamy and hypnotic nature of the song.

Even the masterfully placed strings adds so much value even though it is sparingly used…but because it is strategically placed.

Moving to the music video…we can’t say a lot, but we will say this…

It comes straight out of a dream…masterfully crafted and edited of course, it really captures the essence of the dreamy hypnotic nature of “Wonderful You”.

This could be one of the most highly recommended songs of the year so far…so just go and give it a go right now.

Frank, we wish you all the best in life, you’re absolutely brilliant and we fell in love with “Wonderful You”…we literally can’t wait to see what you have next to release…it’s going to be an absolute blast.


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