Five Minutes (Jon Kennedy Remix) by Frank Joshua


London, UK-based artist Frank Joshua released a mesmerizing art pop song called ‘Five minutes, on the 14th of October. The song was beautifully remixed by Trihop producer John Kennedy, who has taken a second bite from Frank’s debut album ‘Sense Life.’ It’s astonishing what Kenndey was able to make of the track after mashing up Trip hop and singing/songwriting, extremely different areas of music together, making something truly timeless. This song is Frank’s 17th release in the past 22 months on Numen records, and we can’t wait for his new album to drop by the new year.

Five minutes is a song about the significance and strange nature of time. Many people think 5 minutes isn’t longtime while in fact, 5 minutes can change your whole life in – well, no time! Through songwriting and vocals, the feeling of time can be felt even by the very fast rhythm and intense beat. The overall sound of the song is really sophisticated and magical, it feels like you would enjoy a theatrical show listening to it. It’s highly melodic, it’s not our average pop song at all.  Frank’s vocals mimic those of a narrator story in a film telling an old, mystical story. His voice sounds venerable, poised, and light, which matches his wisdom as he sings. The musical arrangement is quite complex, with heavy drums and intense cymbal sound effects that emit a very jazzy vibe, magical piano and harp sound that shock you every few seconds as the words 5 minutes are repeated over and over using a notable sound of opera-like vocals at the back of the track. The song is such a spicy treat! The future sounds promising with this duo!