Won’t Be Around by Terry Blade


Artist Terry Blade will give us a chilling alternative folk tune called “won’t be around”, on the 6th of January. Blade is a songwriter who likes to blur the lines between blues, Americana, and roots music aesthetics. We definitely thought of Johnny cash when we first heard him! His music style is suitable for the lunatics of Hozier, Neil Younh, and Corey Harris. 

Won’t be around is the kind of song that will send you deep into your thoughts and feelings, and somehow also connect you to the raw parts of you. The song is fixated mostly on the brilliant vocal performance, one that isn’t usual. The vocals of Blade are deep, rich, and captivating in every aspect. He sounds like an ancient man full of pain, wisdom, and stories to tell. This song can best be described as something you’d hear in a dim-lighted, old pub in the wintery countryside. The overall sound of the song is daunting and passionate. The musical arrangement is very minimal, with a melody created with a slow acoustic guitar and very subtle drums, tambourine sound effects, and some piano by the middle of the song. Check this song out for an alternative folk experience.