A Little Christmas of My Own by Nicki Wells


Singer, Songwriter, and composer Nicki Wells released the holiday piano ballad “A Little Christmas Of My Own” from Gloucestershire, UK on the 2nd of December.

The gentle and emotional piano composition complements Nicki Wells’s voice really well, and the minimalist production makes the few elements in the track work together perfectly. “A Little Christmas Of My Own” relies on great composition, lyrics, and performance rather than production magic, yet the subtlety of the production makes the song itself shine.

The song starts by painting a picture of Christmas through glass, seeing the gathering festivities, but not taking a part in them. Lonesome yet comforting emotions are stirred up as the song continues.

“So I turn and walk down the road,
making my way home
for a little Christmas of my own”

The message —as I understood it— from the “A Little Christmas Of My Own” is that Christmas will still be Christmas, even if we’re alone, and despite the emotions that are conjured up by seeing others together, we should still be able to enjoy our time in the holidays in the little ways and simple pleasure that we can take.

It can be hard sometimes to be on your own, so if during these holidays you’re alone, I wish you a merry little Christmas of your own.