Writing Stage By K.Kanye


Lingering down a road that is cracked and blocked. Facing a wall silently staring at it with your helpless scratching nails. A large-sized white blank page of emptiness with a blinking pointer waiting for you to hit the keys and guns will sound. 

The journey of every human being, and the usual state we all go through, “The artist’s block”. That is the story behind K.Kanye’s single “Writing Stage”. 

Following the highly praised single “Loco” earlier this year, fast-rising Reading-based rapper K.Kayne has now returned to deliver his pulsing and a heartfelt new single titled “The Writing Stage”.

The beat is kind of smooth and mellow at the hit-off stage and gets slightly pacey as soon as the drums hit. 

Actually, I liked how perfectly K.Kanye managed to master his flow on such type of beat, and the selection of rhymes was simple and definitive.

The add-lips in the track were quite louder than they should’ve been; given K.Kanye’s strong tone and vocal thickness.

Sometimes it felt like the rapper was running off the rhythm to be able to jump on the following bar drop, and sometimes rhymes were repeated; not in which the rapper seemed to have a lot of rhymes. 

In such a case when the rapper is having a writer’s block, yet delivering such powerful lyrics, and turning the state in which he is in is absolutely skillful and genius; the first time I could see an artist crashes his block with his own art!

I liked the high turnover of rhymes and how fast the bar rhymes could be altered. However, it needed some more effort to set a significant vocal space between bars.

The track for me was hard to be mastered and it was novel and philosophic given the subject and circumstances.

7/10 would be good for me if I were to rate “Writing Stage”.

Play the track and take a listen, and tell us your rating!