100 Lovesongs by 5ON5


5ON5 drops their 3rd single this year after “Foot on the pedal” and “Don’t Dance”. The music project consists of 4 members of different backgrounds and comes from 2 different generations, the berlin-based artists came together to deliver to their listeners the kind of pop music that they would listen to themselves. In a little time, they attracted over 7K Instagram followers and 1K monthly listeners on Spotify. 

“100 LoveSongs” is a fun, fresh, and upbeat track with interesting hooks and a catchy beat that’ll keep it stuck in your head for a while. It starts with a catchy and skilled guitar intro, and you will keep singing the chorus with its mainline “I wrote 100 love songs, write another”. The music video by JO&SON was released on YouTube only 9 days ago and already has 2.9K views. The song is produced by the band along with Van Velvet who is a producer and songwriter, published by SonSounds and distributed by Kontor New Media.  The mixing and mastering are done by Jeson Huang and the interesting cover photo by Mihyun. Check their Instagram account for more information on the band and their remarkable work. 


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