PARADISE by Moon and Aries


The Synth-Pop Opera Duo, Moon, and Aries, are back with a one-of-a-kind EP that will build you your own celestial city. “PARADISE” is filled with synthpop waves, 80’s influences, and warm, moonstruck emotions.

On March 1st, 2021, the singer/songwriter Jordana Moon from Canada and the electronic synthesizer musician, songwriter, and producer Tom Aries from Germany teamed up to form Moon and Aries, the band with the genuine Synth Pop Opera sound that combines contemporary and futuristic nature.

The latest EP, “PARADISE” has their signature of making elevating music, yet their maneuver this time is that we’ll go up, by going down first. This five-track EP is perfectly titled, and its blissful atmosphere beats the dusky one. The duo working together undoubtedly resulted in an ethereal masterpiece that is hard to get over.

“Take Me Home” is a mesmerizing opening to the EP. All the elements of the song are soothing and harmonizing together. Jordana Moon’s vocals are dreamy and soulful; it’s the kind of voice that feels as warm as home. There’s a retro vibe, and the hypnotic synth, along with the poetic lyrics, draws you into the perfect scene of a sunset across the ocean, with the water waves coming to the shore and you’re holding your loved one’s hands and feeling at home.

“In Silence” starts with the line “Relax and count to 5,” and it’s indeed a relaxing, chilling song. It is the type of song that makes you close your eyes, imagine the perfect slow dance with your partner, or even better, do it for real to the tranquil melody. The mellow piano notes along with the serene vocals create an atmospheric cloud, taking you on and soaring high.

There’s a more intense ambiance in “Angels and Demons.” The mystic intro draws you in to find the vocals and electro composition are perfectly in sync. It has a vague ambiance and a more serious tone in its lyrics, vocals, and arrangement. Its dark vibes set the balance that even if we are on a journey to a higher, brighter place, we might go deeper and darker.

The title track, “Paradise,” sounds like its name. It quickly became my favorite track on the EP after the first listen. It has solid production, and the whole atmosphere takes your breath away. Adding more layers of Moon’s celestial vocals with the rhythms sets the mood for you to have a heaven-like, peaceful sensation.

If you can’t get enough of Tom Aries’s polished production, the EP ends with “Mercury,” an instrumental piece to let you live the experience to its fullest. Hearing it caused a tussle in my mind between it and the previous track, on which one I favored. You can hear the passionate orchestration work and get touched without a single word. It sounds like the ending scene of a TV show, the one that you can’t resist hearing at the end of every episode. It’s the perfect ending to this cosmic journey.

“PARADISE” is a twenty-minute work of divine beauty that will make you feel at ease as if you’re lying on a cloud. You’ll feel extraterrestrial, and you’ll only return to hear more music from this extraordinary duo.


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