‘100 Wildflowers’ is the perfect tune to uplift your day and bring a smile to your face. With the current negativity in the world, Joe Sneva sheds some sunshine in our lives with his latest Acoustic/ Folk, Americana single.

The lyrics are all about a perfectly simple but still unique relationship:

“I don’t wanna buy you a dozen roses red,

I rather pick a 100 wildflowers instead,

and give ‘em to you.”

The track is led by an acoustic guitar, while Joe’s calm voice enlightens the already cheerful and romantic lyrics. If you are looking for a sincere love song to dedicate to someone, this is it.

‘100 Wildflowers’ melody knees towards old school 90s, reminding us of the songs used as the soundtrack for TV shows like FRIENDS.

Based in Seattle, USA, Joe has a heartfelt story about how he got into music. At the age of 14, Joe’s life changed. His older brother Jordan took him to his first concert, The Rolling Stones, at the famous Kingdome building in Seattle. He did nothing but eat, sleep and breathe music from that moment onwards. 

Other major artists that inspire Joe nowadays range from David Bowie to The Strokes, 2Pac and Ed Sheeran.

Today, he is a singer/songwriter whose raw and rugged, folk-tinged alt/rock is bright with beachy surf vibes and earthy with an honest work ethic. Joe is a free spirit and lover of simpler times from Conway, Washington, located 50 miles north of Seattle.

Sneva has got more work out there, like his other singles ‘Malibu’, ‘Wisconsin Road’ and ‘Nothing Ever Changes’.

Joe Sneva’s music feels transparent, relatable and breathy. His vocals inspire trust and peace. Overall he’s a go-to artist for whenever you want to hit pause in life and have a little quiet moment for yourself.


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