Malos by Jacqueline Loor

Hector Socorro

‘Malos’ is out and ready to turn up your summer playlist. This explosive Latin Pop track comes from nowhere else than the flaming hot city of Miami.

“We wanted to write something fun, something people can dance to and feel empowered. We got some inspiration from Becky G and Karol G”.

Hector Socorro

A very sensual Spanish acoustic guitar accompanies Jacqueline’s singing as the two main characters in this story. However, a powerful beat and more guitars echoed this spicy track.

The lyrics describe your typical playboys, how they play with women’s feelings, and how, in Jacqueline’s words, it is better to avoid your company for the good, quality men to show up.

The people behind this song are Jacqueline Loor and Alex Melendez, who met at The Songwriting Academy, an online songwriting mentorship program.

‘Malos’ was produced by Alex Melendez in Poland, and Jacqueline Loor wrote the lyrics and the melody and sang from her home in Tenerife, Spain.

Jacqueline Loor currently has +20K monthly listeners on Spotify. Some of her other songs that have been out for a while have already made an impression. Like ‘Show Them’ with +30K streams, ‘Just a Memory’ with +24K and ‘La Dura’ with almost 26K streams.

Show Them and Just a Memory are mellow, follow the empowering line, and are sung in English. Another Spanish single from Jacqueline’s repertoire is ‘Nada Más’.

It’s refreshing to meet artists who use music to empower people, not just with one song but with their whole work.

Jacqueline counts with a confident, strong and playful voice displayed in her newest track, ‘Malos’ and her previous work.

The song fits for romantic dates, nights out, or any daily errand. It invites you to get your salsa steps going and turn anywhere into a dance floor.



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