125undat by LUMP200


 LUMP200’s experimental electronica returns with another gently unhinged and unsettling piece that’s loaded with an addictive groove. Just like every time, LUMP200’s music is weirdly mesmerizing.

 A German producer and electronic music mastermind, Rene Desalmand, also known as LUMP200, is based in Berlin, and his music is experimental, intentionally disorienting, ominous, and deliciously eerie. ‘125undat’ is the title of LUMP200’s latest single. A symphony of buzzing synths starts lying down the single line, dissonant core melody, unaccompanied, before the beat kicks in and sets everything in motion, in the right direction, wherever that is headed.

 Multi-faceted and varied, ‘125undat’ strangely goes through a few carefully constructed sections that sound distinct. From the bustling ambiance in the beginning to the introduction of the supremely tight and peppy groove to the synthetic strings in the last third that lay down anthemic and dark chords. With dissonance being a mainstay throughout the song, we are delighted to report that the danceable groove did not cost ‘125undat’ its foreboding sense of doom and looming horror.

 LUMP200’s music is essentially bizarre and challenging, but with his unique set of talent and quite distinctive sensibilities, Desalmand’s music is never actually “difficult” to sit through. Quite the opposite in fact, as is the case with the superb ‘125undat’.



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