Album: The Drawer by Kelsie Kimberlin


Get ready for a journey that spans 8 songs, covering a huge spectrum of emotions…Kelsie Kimberlin releases her album “The Drawer”…a very intimate indie pop album that plays with your soul…and takes you through valleys and over mountains…an excellent package.

This album demonstrates Kelsie’s breadth of musical ability…with an intriguing visual approach, that is every song having a narrative-driven YouTube video made by AI. Although there are lyrics in each video, these are out-of-the-box concepts and demonstrate how Kelsie is always pushing the boundaries to reach the whole world with her music.

“The Drawer” starts with the title songs, a very emotional and slow burning musical and lyrical experience…brilliant composition and fantastical production really takes this song to new heights…while the cherry on top is Kelsie’s mesmerizing and soothing vocals.

The album also has some major energy-pumping songs like “Fatal Attraction” and “Meet Me Anywhere”…with the later having a very musical theater approach to it…and maybe a little Disney in there too…it’s something new, a new fusion of excellent melodies melding with brilliant vocals.

The album continues to surprise us with each turn, each song…keeping the experience fresh at every moment.

Make sure to check out Kelsie Kimberlin’s latest album “The Drawer”…it is an absolute blast from start to end.

Wishing all the best to Kelsie.


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