knock on my door by ALICIA DAYDREAMS


At 18, Alicia Daydreams’s name is already shining bright as an eager performer and songwriter, and writing music with a caliber of quality such as that found on her latest single ‘Knock on My Door’ leaves no room to question why that.

 Based in London, Alicia Daydreams is a performer, writer, composer, and producer who found her artistic drives at a young age, allowing her to amass considerable experience at a young age. ‘Knock on My Door’ is a sublimely balanced piece of colorful, roomy, and warm art pop with traces of folk and soul. Essentially a radio-friendly cut with a gorgeously organic instrumental tapestry, weighted and meaningful words, and a composition that’s rich with melancholy, both to the chords and to the accessible melodies.

 The highlight of ‘Knock on My Door’ would probably be the tight, roomy beat, the groovy bass, and the delightfully shimmering keyboards. An infinitely warm instrumental backs Alicia’s straightforward and passionate delivery of the words. Together, Alicia Daydreams showcases a sublime talent for arranging, a wonderful ear for textures, and just generally a very tasteful style that would leave the masses readily waiting for more.

 ‘Knock on My Door’ is a single that is equally easy to love and hard to pull off. Alicia Daydreams is masterfully spearheading a warm and roomy ensemble through a delightfully bittersweet sound on this mesmerizing song.



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