24-Hour Documentary by Skull Smith


I’ve always been haunted by the feeling that we’re in a constant state of surveillance, and watchful eyes are always out there following us and aiming to steal our information. The latest track from the San Francisco Bay Area-based artist Skull Smith perfectly depicts this feeling in his latest retro synthpop/new-wave track “24 Hour Documentary”. The track begins with a bass line that reminds me of Depeche Mode’s famous classic Personal Jesus, followed by an upbeat keyboard line that sounds like a marimba. These contradicting sounds are accompanied by ominous and sometimes comic lyrics. I loved the chorus and in particular, the line that says “And the camera’s always rolling and the crew is always there” and its variation in the second chorus that says “And the camera’s always rolling and the film reel never ends”. Mr. Smith’s deep voice and skillful intonation work well with the song’s shift from the verses that feel spoken to the melodic chorus and that was an enjoyable transition. The bridge has some kind of talk-box or vocal layering with lower pitches and harmonies that showcase Mr. Smith’s immense talent. It’s great to hear lyrics that are not afraid to address the dark comedy we’re living in these days and the backdrop being a nostalgic 80s synth pop track makes this the perfect mix. I recommend this to people who are looking for something fresh and different from today’s mainstream music, but still highly accessible and catchy.