Light in Chaos by 7th SENSE


7th SENSE, originally from Bucharest Romania, continues to offer delicious and fresh glimpses of jazz, and this was further confirmed by the release of their latest album “Light in Chaos”, presented by the band’s leader and guitarist Laura Benedek.

7th SENSE presents us with 9 great selections that showcase their different styles of contemporary jazz. And their strong penchant for groove-based contagion, and the fresh soul graphics that adorn the music throughout this great album.

The concept of “Light in Chaos” is inspired by what the world has witnessed in the past few years of changing social and political issues, the constant threat of international conflict, the increasing cost of living, and the constant struggle and entry into a global pandemic created a very difficult atmosphere that then became a rare glimmer of hope. All done in a charming and elegant musical performance.

The light reflected in the melodies played with savory notes, trombone, percussion, and even guitar and piano seems to enchant, along with the soft sounds, making it hard not to fall completely in love with the work.

“Light in Chaos” is a sexy statement with its warm and vibrant opening “Two Moons”, whose choice as the opening song was a breeze, because it’s a perfect and welcoming introduction to a light, lively trumpet accompanied by piano, guitar, and rhythmic beats that make us smile.

Immediately followed by a wonderful ‘Pain’ full of threads, which surely came from a place of pain but also with some hope.

The sound in “Rozana” will seduce your mind as it caresses your body with a trumpet that penetrates every tissue of your being until it reaches your soul directly.

“Fretless” features vocals and the pairing of Benedek’s simple voice with vocalist Luiza Zan makes for a moderately ethereal and wonderfully ethereal experience.

“Mama’s Chest” takes us straight to the heart of a good 40’s club, where a drink awaits us with plenty of elegance and a great atmosphere.

There is free-flowing and almost effortless energy that travels through the album tracks to take on other exciting dimensions that reflect the album’s aesthetics. Comprised of band members Sergiu Bivol (trumpet), Lucas Contreras (guitar), Adi Stoenescu (Fender Rhodes), Gabi Matei (drums), and Benedek on bass, there is undeniable chemistry within the members of this band that creates true magic when they play together.

“Light in Chaos” is a delicious audio adventure filled with magic and spells that bring peace to the soul, along with moments of poignant devotion that make it fun, passionate, honest, creative, and exhilarating. And if you let him make you smile and think.


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