Acceptance by IreQ Savage


An otaku artist has come to light with fantastic music in the making since 2016 “IreQ Savage” is a multi-talented artist who is a video editor and engineer currently based in Florida. Ireq has an artistic otaku in him that he likes to show it off in his Instagram reels and TikTok which inspires the hip-hop music that got him to create and release “Acceptance” on the 20th of May, 2022.

He wrote “Acceptance” after speaking to his uncle, Ireq said that his uncle advised him “You have to meet people where they are at and not where you want them to be.” These words inspired Ireq to write this piece with all the meaningful words in this form that he wishes to send it out there to accept their abilities in life and being. Acceptance is when you get to accept your current situation and from there you can do wonders.

“Anyone is welcome just as long as they decided to be themselves” These words he created out of a conversation he had is the utmost inspiring thing that can happen to an artist to give a piece of his mind and thoughts to his listeners.

Ireq is very deeply into anime and he uploaded his track “Acceptance” with awesome clips of Elfen Lied that go a long with his lyrical meaning in this piece. It’s been really interesting watching the video with the same meaning as the tracks he creates never fails on telling us what he is the message through his music is about.

To all the otakus out there that like to binge on some anime and awesome tracks to listen to, Ireg Savage is the key to your cravings for new and authentic anime to watch his videos/reels and the exquisite music he makes will blow you off.


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