4013 Album by Kenn Farr


Kenn Farr never misses with his raps when he releases any hits, and you’re not ready for this banger. From the grounds of Dallas, Texas, US, Farr released “I got get it” on the 10th of October; the first single-release as part of his upcoming “4013” album. We got a glimpse of the highly anticipated 10-track album and it does not disappoint; with its original tracks and covers like “A change is gonna come” by Sam Cooke. The album’s tracks are rap and hip-hop driven with a gospel swing and performance style. The music is well-curated, rich in harmony, and professionally layered.

With a daunting, gangster, and heavy trap soundscape, “I go get it” is all about getting money and Farr flaunts his huge network of connections all over the place. The overall sound of the song is catchy with a mean demeanor and a hood undertone. The song is a slow rhythm pace with a focus on heavy bass and cymbals sound effects. Farr’s vocals are coarse and harsh and his bars are slow that suddenly transition to a faster tempo. The track is a seriously motivating track for anyone who needs a push in their lives. Farr has almost 114,000 subscribers and YouTube and has a steady fanbase with his rap music journey.

Here’s a sneak peek of the first single from the album: