Queen Bee by Edie Yvonne


The LA-based emerging artist Edie Yvonne has just released “Queen Bee,” another Pop banger that demonstrates her vocal abilities, witty writing, and mature musical vision. The song conveys the whole mean girls’ theme through upbeat rhythms; it will surely be a great addition to your dynamic playlist.

Edie Yvonne is a noteworthy singer-songwriter. Sometimes I forget names, but remarkable voices? Never. That’s why once I heard Edie sing the first note of “Queen Bee,” it hit a chord. I got introduced to the talented, hardworking artist a month ago when I heard her sixth single, “On Your Mind,” and wrote about it in our sister platform, Rock Era Magazine, which was a more edgy take than “Queen Bee,” and that highlights Edie’s artistic diversity.

“I wrote Queen Bee to go hand in hand with a short film I’m working on about mean girls and their minions.” ― Edie Yvonne

The storytelling is solid and puts you right in the scene. You’ll seamlessly feel like you’re a part of a cinematic scene as the song fits perfectly as a mean girl’s soundtrack. Edie Yvonne’s charming voice will charm you instantly, making you vibe while enjoying her masterful delivery. Along with the swaying rhythms, her intoxicating voice offers dazzling harmony.

From start to finish, everything about the song offers the theme’s vibe. The melody sounds playful and spirited, with a sarcastic twist. The synth drives the song, giving it a euphoric vibe. The entire production by Nicky Swedin and Cormac Liotta gives a polished touch to the track.

Edie definitely made sure that all of the elements sounded lighthearted yet delivered a serious message.


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