Memories Remain by Feralman


Welsh/Australian artist Feralman released his latest single “Memories Remain” which is part of his upcoming album “Allegories”. This single was in collaboration with infamous composer Sefi Carmel who worked with the likes of David Bowie and Bruno mars. Also featured in the song is Rochelle Feldkamp, a Nashville country/folk singer. A little background about Feralman’s music journey, he started releasing music after the birth of his daughter in January of the year 2020, after having played her some songs and sang to her. He decided that he wanted to pursue music after that.

At first listen, I was absolutely mesmerized by Feralman’s vocals, they were absolutely hypnotic. The song felt so mystical, like something that could be from the Hobbit, or included in the Hobbit’s soundtrack. Another thing that drew me to the song was the guitar, it was so melancholic and really moved me. Another thing I absolutely loved is the music video, not only is the videography perfect but also the idea behind it is so deep and meaningful (much like the song itself).

 All in all, I absolutely loved this single, and Carmel’s influence is shown with such great composing. I cannot wait till Feralman releases his new album! Hopefully, it will be full of goodies like these.