Afterlight by Cade Huseby


As the heart embarking process occurs and as the guard falls, you begin to question your significant other a few reassuring questions, like “If I let you in, will you stay?” and “When the rain turns to snow, will you promise not to let go?

Those were exactly the questions asked by the American indie pop star Cade Huseby in his new single “Afterlight” holding an electro yet emotional vibe sounding much like the early 00’s hit pop songs.

Afterlight” begins with a funny tone descending electro keys melody, then a smooth mellow background melody, then it levitates along the “HEY! HEY! HEY!” Cade shouts along the steady drum beat and the magnificent vocals throughout the track.

The track is about letting your guard down and being defenseless while going deeper into a relationship, “Afterlight is all about my fear of being vulnerable. Having my guard up and armor on until someone or something resonates with my heart enough to tear down all my defenses. After I show my truth, will it be enough for them to stay? The term “Afterlight” is a visual representation of that moment after vulnerability and honesty. When all of your cards are out on the table.” Cade stated.

The track is light and joyful and has a very catchy chorus with some remarkable and sticky melodies that haunts you for the rest of the day. It even almost felt like I’m listening to The Weeknd’s new hit single. 

Vocals were sharp in a way that they needed to have more echoes in them, at least in the choruses and bridge but the vocals were so straightforward and vulnerable as well as Cade Huseby with his honest feelings.



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