Album: Boombap for Boomers by Lewca


If you’re looking for a unique and fun sound, then I think that’s the album for you. Lewca is a France-based, multi-talented artist with a background in fine arts and film, who decided to pursue his passion for music. After years of being part of different bands, the artist decided to go solo and build a name for himself with his influential, original, and varied sound. Throughout his career, he collaborated with several artists, producers, and musicians, yet one of them stood out; S.O.A.P (aka Son of A Pitch), who is a Parisian DJ and beatmaker. 

Lewca just released his latest album: “Boombap for Boomers,” in collaboration with S.O.A.P. who produced the album and composed most of it.  It is the 2nd part of a two-set album that succeeds “Friday Night Rockstars” released earlier in 2022. 

The 13 tracks are a fusion of genres and styles, coming into one to create an authentic and incredibly unique sound. It’s highly influenced by the ’90s sound, with lots of synths, disco vibes, pop, and rap. Knowing the artist’s musical influences, it makes sense to have this blended sound, as he is inspired by The Clash, The Streets, Ian Dury, ASAP Rocky, the Sleaford Mods, LCD, Soundsystem, Bob Dylan, Eminem, Tom Waits, and “Whoever is making decent music”. Says Lewca. You will listen to piano jazz tunes in “Day Job ft. Mick Swagger,” electronic, trance-like sounds like in “Life, innit?” and cool bass guitar tunes like in “I Got It All.” It really does have it all. “This album has had input from Ben Samama, John Michie, and Orange G, as well as guest vocalists Mondo Trasho, Victory Flow, and Oh! Paulo.” Says Lewca

As abstract as it seems, if you listen carefully, you’ll find it sequenced and well-curated. Simply put, the album is fun, light, unconventional, and quick on its feet, surely not to be missed. 



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