Love & Light Album Review by Tom Speight


After the success of his first two records, the British singer/songwriter Tom Speight dropped his third record Love & Light on the 11th of August 2023 via Nettwerk Music. Mixing his diverse influences with his own unique touch, Speight is about to take the British scene by storm. Let me tell you more about it. 

Tom Speight opened Love & Light with the colorful melodies and swaying flow of Trick of the Light. It has an easy-going uplifting mood that instantly clicks with the listeners, boosting their mood with his warm guitars, engaging harmonies, and inviting full-of-life vocals. Amazing opener that made me want to dig deeper into the record. Starting with touching piano and subtle cello, Wonderful Wonder slightly steers into a more chill slower sound. It smoothly progresses moving forward towards a bigger sound as Speight adds layers and elements to his solid well-crafted mix, producing a beautifully arranged piece that draws a wide smile upon the listeners’ faces. The One shows a pop-ish catchy side of Tom Speight‘s writing, adding a new flavor to the record’s mix. It has a catchy irresistible vocal melody with a beautiful harmonic conversation within a laidback flow that smoothly carries the listener throughout its flowing melodic mix as Speight freely mixes and matches electronic elements with his modern folky sound, offering a unique approach in an extremely neat production. Let Go picks its predecessor’s vibes up and builds upon it, opening with a sweet hooking melody that instantly grabs the listeners’ attention. It has a breezy spacious sound that’s pretty approachable by a wide range of audiences, I believe if it had the proper marketing would boost the record, gaining Tom Speight a wider fanbase. As we get closer to the center of Love & Light, If This Is How The Story Ends invites us into new territory with its soothing arpeggios and heart-hitting subtle piano, it has a warm soothing flow driven by a dreamy vocal melody offering a resting point within the record’s overall dynamic flow and showing another side of Speight‘s influences. The title track Love & Life keeps up with If This Is How The Story Ends’ pace, setting up a soft floating mood with a deeply touching sound that slowly creates a relaxing sound making it a perfect tune to start your day with. Things start to get moving again with Beautiful Feeling, as it kickstarts with some authentic folky violins before it engages in a fluid organic progression leading to a catchy chorus. It seamlessly takes us on a swaying dynamic journey with some enjoyable dynamic ups and downs that easily keep the listeners hooked and entertained. Tomorrow comes next with mesmerizing vocal layering and epic orchestrations, forging an escalating multi-layered structure with streaming melodies and a haunting progression. Lydia Claw‘s remarkable vocals introduced another dimension of Tom Speight‘s music on Aftermath and Escape, adding a deep extra layer to the songs’ emotional sound as she perfectly handled those vocal harmonies and haunting melodies, all within a smoothly flowing structure and powerful delivery from Speight. Tears keeps the groove going with its engaging sound and unbelievably catchy vocals. It offers a swaying dynamic resolution as we approach the end of Love & Light, as its dynamic uplifting structure keeps moving forward with an irresistible flow. Simple Things ends the record on a high note with its soothing warm sound and soft progression sums up the whole record’s core sound, leaving the listeners fully satisfied with this beautiful diverse sonic journey and gaining him lots of new fans.

Love & Light is a mellow uplifting record by Tom Speight, it has a sweet emotional sound with unignorable atmospheric layers and powerful decisive progressions that never compromise the mood, showing Speight‘s natural writing skills and well-knowledge of his direction. Looking forward to more from Tom Speight, keep on rocking. Cheers!