Friends U Couldn’t Keep by Nadia Vaeh


I’ve been finding myself getting sucked into the bedroom pop world for some time now…

…I find myself there, my emotions gets out and roam freely when listening to it…and now I’ve found my favourite song to spend days with…it’s Nadia Vaeh’s “Friends U Couldn’t Keep”.

This is the latest single from the LA based artist.

…and this song comes out of a life experience, an experience that lasted 2 years…this is the time it took for this song to get written and come out…

“Friends U Couldn’t Keep” talks about fake friends and how to make peace with ending this fake relationship…there’s always a ‘wake up’ moment, and this is it.

Move forward…keep on dreaming, keep on living…great things await, keep the real friends close. Only the real ones.

The song is focused on a super catchy and accessible guitar riff with the vocals taking center stage…with some brilliant back vocals too…and mid-way, the song’s emotional curve takes a huge sounding cinematic shift with some big rises and snare hits…

The little element of clapping adds so much to the density and the depth of the emotional energy of this track..

“Friends U Couldn’t Keep” is a magnum opus of bedroom pop…

This is one of highly recommended songs and not just pop…it’s a song that almost anyone could relate to instantly…and with its catchy melodies and production, it’s an instant hit.

“Friends U Couldn’t Keep” is written by Nadia Vaeh & Dion Shaw

Produced by Tyler Spratt & Nadia Vaeh

Mixed & mastered by Tyler Spratt

We wish all these awesome people all the best in life…we can’t wait to experience what comes next from Nadia Vaeh’s brilliant talents.



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