Album: Grace & Gravity by BLACKIEBLUEBIRD


The mesmerizing duo BlackieBlueBird is back with a haunting, melancholic, yet aerial album, “Grace & Gravity.” It’s a cosmic journey where you get to dive into the deepest parts of your soul as well as the darkest parts of space, feeling both gloomy and graceful.

BlackieBlueBird is the Copenhagen duo of Heidi Lindahl (vocalist) and Nils Lassen (composer). The pair make a heavenly match, where Lassen writes and produces and Lindahl sings, resulting in a soaring, dreamy record like “Grace & Gravity.” They create a sonic charm where you find yourself seamlessly hooked by the captivating acoustic melodies, neat storytelling, and ethereal vocals with heavenly choir harmonies.

“Grace & Gravity” marks the duo’s third album. It’s a ten-track record, and song by song, you’ll be lured to the romantic realm they created. The folky-acoustic and dreamy pop fusion builds an irresistible soundscape. The Danish drummer Tomas Ortved joined the duo to enhance the resonating synthesis, and it was all made in collaboration with T&E Records and Aenaos Records.

The overall feel of the album is peaceful. Each element spreads serenity, which makes you want to close your eyes throughout the album and enjoy the intimate, dreamy ambiance. It will evoke your memories and dig deep to reach the vulnerable depths, where you keep the stories of you falling in love, being “mesmerized,” and “can’t stop drinking” about someone. The melodies are charming and structured to delicately sing along with Heidi’s dulcet, enchanting vocals.

Right from the start, “The Morning After” will stir your soul, and its catchy chorus will stick in your head for a while along with the mastered solo section. “Mesmerized” offers more of a bright vibe with the dynamic drumming and glimmering guitars. I loved the heartwarming rhythms and harmonies in “The Love We Once Knew.” You’ll find yourself swaying along, despite the unhappy theme. “Mamachild,” with its ravishing instrumentation, has a heart-melting vocal delivery along with chilling harmonies.

“I Can’t Stop Drinking About You” waves with a colorful canvas amidst the blue textures. With this song, we’ve reached half of the album, so it’s well-placed and well-structured to sound that positive. A very folky mood is drawn by “Oh Susanna,” and one can’t help but get involved in the story while every element draws quite a picture. With a mellow intro, “Tired Hangs the Head” seduces one in and then progresses beautifully, conveying its relatable theme through every catchy note. “Boy of a 1000 Tears” is the sedative lullaby you didn’t know you needed.

As the album is getting to a close, “Love Me Like You’ve Never Been Hurt” hits with an atmospheric arrangement, poetic lyricism, and warm vocals. This is it; this is the song you want to play while grabbing your significant other and slowly dancing with them. “Snowwhite Swan” closes off the album, setting such a tranquil, paradise-like mood, making you not ready at all to open your eyes again, so you don’t get back from this magical realm.

Love, longing, and many memories in between are all easy to recall with their mixed sentiments when you have the company of BlackieBlueBird. The duo delivers clear, stirring, dream-like music with passion and great chemistry. You don’t want to miss this aural brilliance.


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