Starry Night by K-SYRAN


Are you ready to hit the dance floor with another K-Syran electronic-charged tune? “Starry Night” is quite a serene scene, but with the energizing artist, it’s more of a colorful party.

“Starry Night” is the delicious fruit of versed singer-songwriter K-Syran and Grammy-nominated famous Swedish producer StoneBridge’s collaboration. The song is structured to lift your mood, whatever you’re going through, and see sun rays through the starry night.

The music soars from the first note, making both your spirit and body soar along. The synths’ bright waves and the dynamic beats color the mesmerizing canvas drawn by K-Syran’s delicate vocals. The soulful artist offers such a dreamy performance, shipping you to other galaxies and enjoying the cosmic soundscapes.

The EDM’s spirited beats are what build the dance floor in the spacey galaxy. With every nuance, a magical spill pops up from the detailed arrangement that’s made skillfully to match K-Syran’s luring vocal line. It’s the kind of charm you want to fall for.

You’ll find yourself in a realm where you can only sense ecstasy, and if you want to stay there as long as you want, you can listen to the diverse versions of the song to enjoy the duo’s diverse artistry.



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