It’s Your World by ECHEZONA


From time to time, we get caught up in our daily hustles, forgetting the importance of having healthy relationships where we can be vulnerable and have transparency, love, and support that are enough to heal our dark sides. Echezona decided to remind us of that through light waves of Afropop and Hip-Hop, along with shiny R&B and dreamy Pop, in his latest drop, “It’s Your World.”

“I got folks who are no longer with us simply for feeling like they could not turn to anyone to ease their pain. The title of the song is a phrase used to commemorate a fallen loved one where I am from and in many other neighborhoods. I called the song “It’s Your World” to flip the narrative and say it to folks I have while they are still alive to hear it,” Echezona stated.

“It’s Your World” is the fruit of a collaboration between vocalist and lyricist Echezona and producer and music composer JPRiZM, which marks their ninth collab. Both of them brought a fresh flavor to the number with their talents and skills. The heartfelt lyrics and smooth vocals intend to stir your heart, and the upbeat musicality stirs your body.

The inspirational song is filled with positive energy and vibrancy within every element of it, which gets you hooked instantly and ready to dance with its peppy rhythms while embracing the message. The beats are both spirited and graceful, which captures the theme’s essence best. The magical blend of genres built an irresistible soundscape that you’ll get lost in its colorful harmonies for a while. The silky vocal line flows seamlessly, making each lyric deeply felt, and skillfully strikes a balance between the tender storyline and the energetic beats. And all of these elements are polished by top-notch production.

This can be a love song if you want to, and it also means much more than that. It conveys the importance of human connections of all kinds. Enjoy grooving along while starting to seek genuine connections. It’s all up to you: “It’s your world. I just live in it.”



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