Album: Interstellar Radio by LUKE TANGERINE


Frankfurt-based composer and producer Luke Tangerine invites us and the world to jump into the DeLorean and get back in time to the 80s aesthetic realm, where he’s created his own version of the time period…and will take us for a spin in this world with his latest album “Interstellar Radio”.

“Interstellar Radio” is focused on all 80s stuff, synth-wave, electro-drum sounds…all the essentials are present…and Luke adds on top of these 80s life necessities his own mojo, his own views, and musicality.

…you’ll get to hear some modern hard-hitting synth sounds and trendy musical ideas mixed in with the nostalgic…

This nostalgic treasure chest of an album contains 11 tracks…and it was inspired by the 80s, space, sci-fi, and…the universe!

Even in the track names, this can be noticed, with tracks like “Edge of the Universe”…” Solar System”…and the album’s name itself too.

The album is diverse in its 80s aesthetic direction…meaning that not all of what you’ll hear is upbeat, or fast-paced…there is melancholy…there are darker tones to this aesthetic that Luke is exploring.

For example…the first track is “Pulsar” which gives us a very distinct indicator of the time-traveling journey that we’re about to embark on…then the energy keeps building up with “Solar Storm” with more hard-hitting synths and beats.

Then Luke changes things up with “Edge of the Universe”…a very ambient musical journey as a backdrop with some energetic drum beats…yet it feels more ambient…

“Exoplanet” takes our breath away with some iconic 80s synth sounds and true to the period melodies…I know that it’s original, yet it feels right at home in the 80s…it’s crazy good.

Luke’s “Singularity” track explores a very sci-fi picturesque view of interstellar space…it’s very thought-provoking…it makes you wonder at the sky…and visualize some unreal landscapes.

The amount of musicality…melodies…and perfectly picked sounds are staggering…” Interstellar Radio” is the definitive retro album to take you to the 80s…it’s the easiest and safest time machine you’ll ever jump into…so far!

We won’t spoil the fun exploring the rest of the tracks…but all we can say is that the album continued to surprise us with one musical twist after another all through its 11 songs…

The music got us to wonder so many questions…but one question wanted an answer…is Luke Tangerine a time traveler? We might never know, but his music is so 80s perfection that we wondered.

Luke has some awesome music that is more into the cinematic realm on his YouTube page, check out his works and enjoy.

Luke, we wish you all the best in your musical journey and in your life journey as well.

Can’t wait to experience what you have next for the world…we look forward to your next musical adventure.





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