Album: Music for Dreams by Ghislain Caya

Ghislain Caya

Dropped on the 10th of February, artist Ghislain Caya created a marvelously sonic album with a matching concept called ‘ Music for dreams’, a portal in which you keep falling into the many different states of dreaming. All the way from La Tuque, Canada, Caya puts his heart into this album, which is particularly influenced by artist Brian Eno, but with his own touch and techniques in such a way as to make the music original and reflective of his views. This album is the second for Caya, and he is a multi-instrumentalist who also works with analog and digital synthesizers. 

Music for dreams. The music feels like you are traveling in a world of strange and mystifying energies. It’s all about the feelings you get as you listen to this ambient masterpiece. It’s extremely slow, immersive, and ever-changing although the pieces seem to be interconnected because of their very minimal electronic soundscape. The music is textured in a very delicate way, almost like lace on soft skin. Although the sounds are not sharp-edged at all, there is an intensity that comes as the ambient sound rises and falls as the energy shifts. The album in the end is moving, but in a slow and steady direction like heartbeats. 

The overall sound of the music is relaxing and very meditative. There is a mixture of nature sounds and electronic, with a very ethereal vibe. You’ve got natural sounds like rain, thunder, and whistling. The music feels like it keeps creeping up on you. It feels like you’re going down a spiral in slow motion. The music definitely intensifies in many parts too. The musical arrangement is simple yet very powerful. There is a steady ambient sound that is airy and free. And you have trumpets or saxophones sound effects that really give the music a deep and profound sound. You have a subtle violin, and very small and minimal sounds that create a nice sonic pallet and addition to the ambient vibe. You will dream heavily with this album on!




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