Album: TRANSCENDENT by Ty Brasel


Rap artist Ty Brasel released a genre-transforming new album titled “Transcendent” on the 30th of January from Memphis, Tennessee, United States.

Ty Brasel has collaborated with award-winning engineers and high-profile artists to bring his fourth studio album that blends hip-hop and electronica in a way that redefines frontiers on the ends of both genres’ spectrums.

“Transcendent” by Ty Brasel features a number of guest artists including The WRLDFMS Tony Williams, 1K Phew, Aha Gazelle, Aaron Cole, Foggieraw, and Parris Chariz, as well as being produced by Dove Award-winning engineers Dirty Rice, Joseph Prielozny, and JuiceBangers.

The album is lyrically and thematically driven by Ty Brasel’s faith, and his message is a blessed one of seeking salvation through struggle, as he bravely embraces his own struggle as a source of inspiration for himself and others.

The instrumentals on “Transcendent” are grabbing, blending elements of contemporary hip-hop, electronica, and synth-pop. It sounds like nothing else in the mainstream and is freshly unique.

Ty Brasel’s vocal delivery is confident fast and constantly passionate. Every line is delivered with a flow that maximizes its emotion and feeling, with no part of his performance throughout this album being overdone or understated.

The tracks go from hard-hitting, head-banging trap beats to mellow and bouncy R&B, and it is always exciting with new moods and styles going from track to the next one through the album.

The impeccable production of “Transcendent” is noteworthy on many fronts, one being Ty Brasel’s voice and the chain that it is run through. The vocal sounds warm yet crisp, and the creative effects used sound deeply human, but at times alien and unfamiliar. This kept me engaged as I heard Ty Brasel rap in more than one voice. Another thing about the production that I should mention is that it has some of the best 808 bass sounds I’ve ever heard.

Ty Brasel has over 85 million plays on streaming platforms, and with the release of his fourth album “Transcendent,” I believe that number is about to skyrocket. 


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