Album: Mythologies by Herald K


It’s been quite some time since I last experienced an album with this complete experience of folk music that is both raw and modern at the same time…but artist Herald K has absolutely nailed the true nature of folk music while adding his own modern and absolutely unique twist on it.

Herald K is a Norwegian singer/songwriter based in Vienna, Austria with an album that has already been released and another that was just released on the 12th of May, it’s titled “Mythologies”.

“Mythologies” is a noir-folk album that sucks you into the world that Herald has masterfully created and takes you on a journey of self-exploration and relaxation.

“Mythologies” has 10 tracks within its journey…5 of which were already released, but “Mythologies” they will be re-released with a different production, to fit in more easily within the whole album experience.

The album starts out with “Old Soul” a folk song with rhythmic guitars and a melodica/harmonica-sounding instrumentation…mixed with Herald’s rich vocals, it’s the perfect start for a fantastic album experience.

With some fiddle work in there, “Old Soul” is a true folk experience that really transports you to another world.

…moving into the second track “Echo’s Song”…a more somber song with pianos and smooth fiddle work, it’s a more downbeat…and with Herald’s narration-style intro vocal delivery, it’s like a story, especially with the female vocals that go back and forth with Herald’s…it’s beautiful.

Diving further into the album, you’ll come across different vibes, “Circe”, it’s a more European kind of folk song, a different vibe, with a view of the green mountains of Europe, it’s different, yet the same…it’s a journey.

…going even further into the album, you’ll get to experience completely new songs…like “Charon”…it’s leaning more into the noir side of things…and it feels like a song in a musical.

The album finishes with “The Dark Lady”…once again with a different vibe, the intro is more like a classical string quartet, beautifully realized and conducted.

“Mythologies” is a near-perfect album and is a highly recommended experience for any music lover.

Herald, we’re absolutely mesmerized with “Mythologies” and can’t recommend it enough to everyone., we wish you all the best in life, you definitely deserve it…and a lot more.

I can’t wait to see what you have next.





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