Danza Aliena by Massimo De Simone


From the iconic land of Italy, with its history and culture, comes a new shining star…Massimo De Simone, an electronic pop artist making his mark on the electro genre and putting a twist on it

Massimo’s latest single in the world of electro-pop is “Danza Aliena”, alien dance…

It’s a cinematic, ambient, electro-pop song with many heartfelt melodies and a very high production value, amazing sound choices, and a lovely balanced 

“Danza Aliena” is an experimental journey in the electro-pop world…

The music can be felt as ambient and also as cinematic, it really feels like you’re exploring an alien world…let’s dive into this world and explore it for ourselves…shall we?

The song starts out with ambient sounds, very rich and lush soundscapes…

Vocals kick in smoothly…the synth melody starts playing and it is such a catchy melody, one of many in “Danza Aliena”…which is one of the highlights of the song, the many melodies that play across.

The song has a more relaxed tempo across the majority of its course, with some verses having a bit of an uptempo…

Speaking of the journey within the song, actually, Massimo has a story to go with the song, an imaginary story about him wandering in the universe, with his imaginary alien brother.

…and let me paraphrase a bit of Massimo’s description of the song…

Massimo De Simone wonders if, somewhere in the universe, an alien brother already exists, ready to guide us in the discovery of his world, curious in turn to know ours…

It is most certainly a journey into the experimental universe that is worth embarking on.

Massimo, we wish you all the best in life, you deserve it.

Looking forward to seeing what you come out with.




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