EP: Phased by EZO


Starting at the age of 16, E.Z.O., rapper/singer/songwriter extraordinaire has passed through thick and thin…gathering experiences in life…and music…and now it’s time for him to shine bright with his latest EP “PHASED”…a brilliantly and masterfully crafted melodic hip-hop experience, sizzling hot.

The only goal of “PHASED” is to keep you going forward.

While most people would find daily living stories as the norm, this EP’s aim is to establish a precedent of ordinary vibes, joys, and thought-provoking energy—all wrapped up in something entertaining.

…and this is evident from the very first song on the EP, “Praise”…a bright sounding and uplifting musical experience that really lifts you up with excellent melodies, brilliant flow and musical perfection.

E.Z.O. reaches out with his EP to people going through a general struggle and looking for light in the dark because it has a heightened sense of growing pains. 

“PHASED” also offers an anthemic experience that would give everyone a moment of peace and freedom to smile and remember that the brighter side is within reach if you take the leap of faith.

All of the 6 songs on this EP all have excellent musical composition and production…each one of these songs carry a mountainous amount of uplifting vibes…

You’ll find “Mi Amore” as what you call a feel good song…and you feel it from the very first seconds…

…same goes for “HDYL”…each with their own unique style…but still sharing the bright and uplifting vibes that really touches the soul and makes a difference within one’s self.

…as the artist says…

“PHASED” offers a suburban urban approach to the melancholic, together with stimulus to be PRAISED.

…couldn’t have been said better.


…there’s one last piece of trivia that we would love to share about the artist…the E.Z.O. stands for Exterrestrial Zen Omnipotent…that just blew my mind and I had to share it with all of you.

Wishing all the best to E.Z.O…can’t wait for more hits like this EP.




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