Album: Turn To Your Soul by Frank Joshua


Prepare to be swept away by the sonic odyssey “Turn To Your Soul” by Frank Joshua that will take you through the highs and lows of human experience.

“Turn To Your Soul” is a captivating exploration of human emotion, taking the listener on a journey that’s both beautiful and bittersweet. The instrumentation is a rich tapestry, weaving together shimmering soundscapes with moments of raw power. The warm vocals are a standout element, ranging from soulful and uplifting to hauntingly melancholic. They perfectly embody the emotional core of each song, drawing you into the narrative and leaving a lasting impression.

The album opens with the dreamy yet shadowy sounds of “Wonderful You.” It sets the stage for a journey that’s both overwhelming and captivating. The instrumentation paints a sonic landscape, shifting from the gentle caress of waves to crashing intensity.

A shift in mood arrives with “Bluebell Wood,” its vibrant synth melodies a stark contrast to the opener’s dreaminess. Uplifting vocals and poetic lyrics paint a hopeful picture.

Building on the positive vibes, “You Are All I Need” boasts sensational vocals, groovy rhythms, and dynamic percussion that will have you moving.

“Patent Leather Car” channels the 70s with its infectious grooves, perfectly complementing the bittersweet emotions woven into the lyrics. It’s a song that gets your body swaying while sparking thought-provoking reflection.

“Seeking to Hide” offers upbeat rhythms that mask a darker undercurrent. It’s the perfect song to put on when you feel like an outsider, to feel solace by the soothing vocals and boosted by the grooves. 

Bridging the gap between light and dark, “Millionaire” blends retro vibes with a futuristic twist. It serves as a transition into the album’s smoother, yet more melancholic soundscapes.

The title track, “Turn to Your Soul,” is a moment of serene grace and gentle encouragement. Each instrument acts as a guide, rowing you inward on a journey of self-discovery. The soulful vocals seamlessly weave their way into your heart, urging you to connect with your inner self.

A stark contrast arrives with “Winter Cowboy.” Here, the gloomy lyrical themes permeate every aspect of the song. The melody evokes a wintery chill, while the melancholic vocals paint a vivid picture of isolation and loneliness.

“Victim,” a driving soft piano ballad, strips things bare with raw vulnerability. The song’s emotional vocals and haunting whistles steer your heart, offering solace and understanding. 

As the album nears its end, “On This Night” takes us on a plunge into the depths of despair. It evokes those nights spent searching for meaning and purpose, a sentiment communicated through heart-wrenching vocals and expressive lyrics. Even for those who haven’t experienced such an existential crisis, the song’s raw honesty provides a powerful first-hand glimpse.

The album closes with “Kiss,” a track that defies its title. Instead of a romantic farewell, it delivers a beautiful yet aching goodbye, laced with deep pain. Acoustic melodies, sorrowfully poetic lyrics, and calmly aching vocals bring the album to a close, leaving a lasting impression of the emotional journey we’ve shared.

Frank Joshua‘s masterful handling of human emotion shines through, crafting a soundscape that’s as beautiful as it is deeply moving. “Turn To Your Soul” is a gentle nudge towards healing, a reminder to embrace the darkness as part of the journey back to your inner self.