All As One Song Review by Brother Sea


Drawing inspiration from “being a passionate supporter of the Scotland Rugby Team” as described by lead vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter Kristian Lannen, Scottish Celtic folk fusion band Brother Sea dropped their single All As One showing their full support of their national team. Released in aid of the My Name’5 Doodie Foundation, All As One is a charity single that can easily gather the team’s supporters around its uplifting sound and enthusiastic mood-boosting vibes. Let me tell you more about it.

Brother Sea opened their anthem All As One with warm acoustic guitars and folky violins, creating a natural deeply emotional setup for such an intimate tune. All As One has a lovely engaging flow with beautiful, well-arranged instrumentation that produces a stream of heart-hitting melodies in an extremely smooth flow, unifying the band and listeners emotionally in an unbreakable bond. Brother Sea cleverly crafted All As One‘s structure, creating a chill flow that’s dynamic and catchy at the same time, adding to its engaging vibes that had me singing my lungs out along with them at the end. 

All As One is a solid touching tune with a powerful progressing sound and a fluid crescendo that smoothly floats towards a bigger sound. Its multi-layered production was handled very well, giving each element the needed space to be fully heard and digested by the listener and to cause the desired emotional impact. Looking forward to more from Brother Sea, I’ll always remember this tune whenever I come across a rugby game. Cheers!


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