Pull That String Song Review by Silk Sewn Dream


With mixed organic influences and a unique sound, the NY-based duo Silk Sewn Dream are back with their new single Pull That String on the 5th of August 2023, and today we’re going to dig deep into it.


Silk Sewn Dream made it very clear that Pull That String is a dreamy chill piece right from the very first note. It starts off with some subtle atmospheric guitar work, deep mysterious bass, and intimidating mood-setting vocals before the drums step in to shake the flow with jazzy touches. Silk Sewn Dream engaged in a beautifully mellow flow with psychedelic vibes that keep you moving with its clever progression, at the same time they didn’t compromise their sound. Pull That String pushes forward sonically and dynamically, mixing elements of psychedelic and progressive rock with an R&B groove and sound signature, all powerfully supported by a perfect guitar tone and some amazing guitar work that technically controlled the song’s mood and ending with a killer solo that came at the best timing.

Pull That String is a solid single by Silk Sewn Dream that shows their brilliant writing, well-knowledge of their sound and direction which appears clearly in the song’s layering and detailed production. Looking forward to more from Silk Sewn Dream, keep on rocking guys. Cheers!


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