The Loop by Birds Are Better


Birds Are Better released their single “The Loop” on the 7th of this September, along with a music video…this is a very imaginative musical experience…

“The Loop” is the second single from the upcoming album of Norway based Birds Are Better, the album is titled “The Island – Part II”.

The song talks about love, loss, betrayal and…space travel…because firstly, why not? secondly…life is a journey that is no easier than space travel…it’s a journey of discovery and exploration. That’s how I see it at least.

“The Loop” is a very chill and relaxing folk/pop song with strong sonic and visual elements to tell a story.

Folk guitar shares the spotlight with the silkiest of smooth vocals…with some backing vocals that adds to the richness of the sound and the overall emotional experience.

The vocals melodies are soul-soothing…add the space-focused music video and you’re transported to the far reaches of Earth’s space.

Stian Fjelldal is the brains and talents behind Birds Are Better…and he’s been creating music for so long, he made huge projects, cut a deal with Warner Music and so much more…

…but then he asked himself a very important question “What kind of music do you want to make?”…and that birthed Birds Are Better…this simple, yet life changing question made the dominoes effect that took Stian to this realization…and we’re glad that he asked that question…

“The Loop” is an explorative journey into life itself…it’s relaxing, it’s eye opening and it’s absolutely gorgeous with mesmerizing musical production and lyrical approach…

“The Loop” is a highly recommended experience for anyone who listens to music in general…it’s a must.

Wishing Stian and Birds Are Better all the best in his personal and musical lives…we can’t wait to experience his upcoming album “The Island – Part II” when it comes out.


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