All Behind by Dr Fabola


Manchester-based singer/songwriter Dr Fabola brings back his soulful melodies and mesmerizing guitar picking on his latest single “All Behind”. Mixing his love of acoustic guitar with world music, pop, jazz, and surely folk in a softly dreamy mix with a subtle groove, creating his very own sound.  

Dr Fabola’s “All Behind” is a floating smooth piece that comes from a dreamy world narrated by his own warm soothing voice. His guitar tone and sharp yet chilling notes with the subtle percussions in the very background, all channeled me into a peaceful state of enjoyment. Dr Fabola’s smart use of vocals harmonies gave the vocal melody more depth and a heartwarming feel, and the fluidity of his writing created a smooth organic structure that carries the listener throughout the song’s seamless mellow progressions. 

“All Behind” is a beautifully cheerful tune that’ll set your mood straight into its ideal state. Dr Fabola’s wise use of his obviously magnificent guitar skills created a heartfelt piece that instantly clicks with the listener with no overdoing or complications. Looking forward to more from Dr Fabola, cheers, and keep on rocking!