All I Ever Do by Robbee


London-based Pop song maker Robbee has yet again bedazzled us with a fun and upbeat song ‘All I ever do’’ on the 23rd of September. 

Produced by Clem Cherry, this pop song is full of energy, giving us an easy radio hit. The idea revolves around a universal subject of going back to an ex, and how risky and wrong it is. So even though the lyrics tell the story of an incident like this, the song’s positive tone suggests a happy mood overall.

The artist himself said that he wants people to be able to feel that this is a funny situation conjuring some laughs or ooppsies. The musical arrangement is of full range, with a very fast rhythm, a catchy chorus, a lot of drums, and notable fun sounds like phone and doorbell ringing.

In addition to that, there is also a cool robotic echo repeating the lyrics of the vocals. This beat invites you to dance and lighten up when you think of your EX’s mistakes! 



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