Inside Out by Thenear


Artist Thenear from Elanora, Australia released a beautiful acoustic song ‘’Inside Out’’ on September 22, stretching into the commercial pop genre. Thenear has been working on music since 2015 and has more than 60 original song releases with her husband. The artist is interested in conveying the human condition, touching on the full range of human emotion and experience, and draws from her personal stories in her music. 

Inspired by emotional ballads and musical artists such as Evanescence and Florence and the machine; one can feel the emotionally charged music, vocals, and lyrics. Inside out speaks from the heart about the idea of breaking free from anything that is stopping you from moving on or embracing better.

Speaking of shadows, falling, and grace, Thenear’s vocals make the subject feel easy as she takes you to an ethereal land with her soft and light voice. The musical arrangement is dynamic; starting with the piano and continuing with an acoustic guitar. Notable sounds are the male vocals at the back repeating the words that signify the intensity of being ‘ inside out’’. Taking the adventure of performing live since 2021, expect more great music. Listen to this song and check out the rest of the music Thenear has created.


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