Glisten (interactive performance) by ANTimus Prime

Jamaal Matters of Dope Oasis Films

Not the type of Hip-Hop we hear much nowadays, despite the personal affection the track holds, it seems a lot more relatable to our lives.

Hailing from Apex, North Carolina, ANTimus Prime aka ‘King ANT’ releasing a promotional visualizer to his EP ‘Fair Warning’ titled ‘Glisten’.

The track begins with an orchestral theme along with African percussion, which threw me back hard to Terence Blanchard’s main theme in the ‘25th Hour’ movie where I thought that the beat might be inspired by the movie’s main theme.

Along the cool beat melodies, rush in a calm and smooth heavy flow with organized rhymes and is in control of the pace with his delicate vocabularies and rhymes.

Glisten’ is lyrically an honest and straightforward track, raising controversy in a truthful, realistic context with an attitude of rebellious dissatisfaction while most of today’s rappers just be flexing or dissing, and I liked how the rapper included most of the family members through his lyrics and how he displayed them in the track left a somewhat relatable personal affectionate to specific family members yet unaffectionate to other members.

I guess J.Cole and DaBaby should care cause competition will be fierce when ANTimus Prime ‘Glistens’ on the stages of North Carolina.