Amigos de Pega by Lewis Pe


Barcelona-based artist Lewis Pe is back with his new single “Amigos de Pega”. After releasing his debut album “The Castle” in 2021 via Spanish label Nuevos Medios, Pe decided to give his song “F.W.F.” Spanish lyrics and a neo-psychedelic twist with the help of the producer Juan Feduchi so, let’s see how it turned out.

Lewis Pe’s soft expressive vocals are the first thing you’ll encounter when playing “Amigos de Pega”, it has a mellow start controlled by Pe’s vocal melody that slowly gets more groovy with added layers of bass, atmospheric synths, and guitars. It has a consistent nice flow keeping its psychedelic core while adding glimpses of pop bright melodies using a mix of synth and guitar in perfect harmony. The interlude around minute 2:15 refreshed the song’s dynamics and added a fresh layer of sound that reminded me of the 70s and 80s art rock taking us to a smooth outro.  

“Amigos de Pega” is a sweet chilling tune that reflects a lot of emotions through melodies and vocal delivery. The transition from the original version shows lots of musicianship and diverse writing skills from Lewis Pe and producer Juan Feduchi. Totally enjoyed it and will be looking forward to more. Cheers!


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