another sad night, under moonlight by HIKARU HIDAKA


 The newest release from experimental electronica producer Hikaru Hidaka weaves an alien soundscape with an intricate layering job of processed vocals and borderline atonal ambiance for purely hypnotic results.

 Based in London, Hikaru Hidaka is an electronica producer unlike any other. Specializing in creating experimental soundscapes, they return with another piece of testing music that will require some horizon-expanding for it to sink in. Hypnotic and mesmerizing, ‘another sad night, under moonlight’ was inspired by the literary classic of the 18th century ‘The Sorrows of Young Werther’, given a fresh gown of electronica. The sound is defined by the scratchy and eerie lines of densely processed vocals, twisted to sound like static waves, this effect gives the whole piece an unsettling effect that will make or break the song for you. We think it is an incredibly inventive experiment that yields positive results overall. The sparkling piano lines are almost lost in time and space, making the song’s harmonies and melodies intangible, but creating an immersive atmosphere that will suck you in, and keep you hooked.

 This latest cut from Hikaru Hidaka is unlike anything we’ve been hearing. It’s like Hikaru Hidaka possesses a different musical sphere than the one we’re all sharing, and what they do is impart their alien tastes in a tasteful assault on our ears. We love it, and we think that given a second to grow on you, you will too.